Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Misc. Pics

Ahh...isn't she cute!??? For some reason she loves wearing this glasses.He looks a lot like his Dad in this picture.
Reagan is starting to smile at us.

Kyra LOVES to dance and she also in a phase where she wants to wear this pink tutu 24/7.

She also just learned how to do a somersault. I know, this looks like a big ball of cotton candy but she is in there somewhere.
Fairy in the garden.

Once in a while when her sister isn't looking, Carley can get this tutu on and wear it for a bit. Gavin, Kyra and Reagan hanging out.

Jed & Carley...ready for bedtime...You notice he is more ready than she is.

Jed & Kyra reading a bedtime story.

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Laurel said...

Is Gavin actually SLEEPING in that chair like that? Too funny!! (Keetyn got very excited about the tu-tu pictures! What girls!!)