Monday, July 20, 2009

Sleep Over

The kids had their first sleep over at our house and had SOOO much fun. John and Josie came over Friday to play and go to the farm and see the animals and the Mom's got to squeeze in a long overdue visit. Friday night we all went to Grandma's house to prepare for Stacy's baby shower. Saturday the boys had a "boy party" with Jed at our house and ended up getting to ride tractor with Uncle Brandon and move bales and the girls went to the "girls party" aka Baby Shower.

John and Reagan having some bonding time.Feeding the steers.

John playing with the puppies - don't you love that gap toothed smile. :-)Josie trying to carry a puppy that was almost as big as her!Josie and Reagan having bonding time. Josie was with us for about 24 hours - Reagan's night was about 10 hours long - I think Josie held Reagan about 12 out of the 14 remaining hours that she was here! She could not get enough of that baby! I had to pry Reagan away when it was time to eat. More time together!The girls at the "girl party". Carley was sleeping - her big day, no nap, late night, early morning, big day caught up with her (me too)!

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