Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Week In Review...

Gavin is playing t-ball again this year. The first few games he didn't really seem like he was enjoying himself but then last week he got placed at the pitchers mound and saw lots of action and was fielding the ball like he had been playing forever, ever since then he has seemed to thoroughly enjoy it and this week he even ran over one of his own teammates to field a ball. Ooops!
This is what the girls like to do when Gavin has a game - make "sand castles".

Go Gavin!
He always has to turn around and make sure we are paying attention to his game. :-)

Bonding time for Reagan and Carley.
Kyra and Reagan both ended up in bed with me on this morning. When I got up they were both sleeping with their arms over their heads.

The two older kids will start swimming lessons in a couple of weeks. Kyra loves the water but Gavin always takes some getting used to it, so Jed brought out the blow up pool to give him some time to get used to swimming again before he starts his lessons. It was a lot of work - cleaning out the pool (with three helpers), filling it up, keeping the dog out of it - and then we found out it had a hole in it, so the fun only lasted for a short time.
Our little fish.

Oh that's cold!
Rarely do I get a good picture of Carley - she becomes so serious when the camera comes out or she has the cheesiest grin ever - but she had a good week this week with picture taking!

The "lion cage". They came up with this game. Look at those roaring faces - don't they look like mean lions?!

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