Monday, July 20, 2009

Girl or Boy???

Okay, so we go to church yesterday and this is what Reagan wore - a pink dress with a pink blanket. We went to Walmart after church and still Reagan is in her pink dress and has her pink blanket. The greeter at the door says, "Kids, you want a smily face sticker?" She gives the three older kids a sticker. "Does the little one need a sticker?" She looks into the carseat. "Here, we will give him a sticker too. He looks good in yellow." (The sticker was yellow). We walked away and Jed literally burst out laughing as he looked at me fuming. Does anyone think I would dress my SON this way?! Seriously, I don't think I can put her in much more pink to make her look any more girl!

This is an ongoing story for Jed and me. It never fails, every Sunday at church someone says something about "how cute he is" or says to the kids "how do you like your baby brother". It drives me crazy because every Sunday she has pink on her clothes somewhere and every Sunday she is wrapped in a pink blanket (hey, give me a break, we have three girls - we have a lot of pink in the house). You would at least think if there was any doubt they wouldn't say anything or they would say "the baby" but no they just think we dress our son in 100% pink! Ahhh....

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Laurel said..., how does this make you feel? SHE is adorable!!

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