Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week with Great Grandma & Aunt Sharon

Great Grandma Miller and Aunt Sharon had planned a week long trip to MN to visit the two new babies. They did a great job of spoiling Gavin, Kyra, Carley and Reagan for the week. They picked strawberries from our strawberry patch, visited the puppies/goats/cattle/kittens on the farm, went to see a movie in the theater, went to the water park, ran around naked on Grandma's new patio in the water and of course got the flu (not because they were outside naked - it was 95 degrees!)...all in one week.

I appologize now for all of the pictures, but there were so many cute ones (yes I may be biased) and my Aunt loves to take pictures and she is great at it - so I had to share. Thanks Sharon! Take a look...
Aunt Sharon with her four very willing photo subjects. Okay, maybe two - Gavin and Kyra loved having their pictures taken, Carley doesn't look like she is really enjoying it and Reagan couldn't have cared less.

Our bubble machine.

Kyra trying to blow bubbles. Trying being the key word.

Carley...look quick, she isn't in any trouble at this very second.

Reagan and Aunt Sharon - yes, she fell asleep like that - doesn't look very comfy to me. Lacy & Britton came home for the weekend too...Lacy, Kyra and Gavin snuggling after their water park trip.

Britton & Baby Reagan.

Aunt Sharon, Kyra, Gavin and Reagan. Carley was still in the middle of her FIVE hour nap!
Gavin & Great Grandma looking at a wildlife book - Gavin was teaching Grandma all about the birds and the bees - literally!

Great Grandma & Reagan enjoying some snuggle time.

And more snuggle time...

And some MORE snuggle time. Aunt Sharon being girly with the girls and painting their nails.

Kyra loves to have her fingernails and toe nails done.

Aunt Sharon & Reagan. She wasn't spoiled at all this week!

Aunt Sharon & Kyra (I think Gavin took this pic - not too bad).Gavin visiting the puppies - his favorite new hobby.

Aunt Sharon had fun with them too...all four of them at one time!

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Laurel said...

Keetyn and I are spending some time looking at your blog -- I LOVE all the pics! Keetyn saw the first few of Reagan, and all she could say was "awww - her's so cute, mom!". Kyra really looks like Britton in the picture with the flower, but all Keetyn could say was "MOM - how come HER mom lets her pick the flowers???!!!"