Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 1 & 2 of 3

Well, our Christmas did not go quite as planned but we were still able to enjoy the holidays!  We were planning to go to Jed's parents in ND and celebrate for a few days with his family.  We were supposed to leave on Thursday and on Wednesday all 4 of the kids had the flu (I am not kidding when I say that for about 6 hours straight Jed and I couldn't even keep our heads above water - it was all we could do to keep kids, clothing and bedding clean.  We literally had to just laugh after a while because 4 sick kids were definitely more than we could handle).  So, not wanting to take the chance of sharing our germs with Jed's parents and Laurel, Ernie and their 5 kids (not to mention a 8+ hour drive with 4 sick kids didn't really sound all that appealing to us), we decided to stay at home and have a quiet Christmas and regroup a bit.  The kids ended up being better by Christmas so they were able to enjoy opening presents and we spent a quiet Christmas +4 more days with my parents as we also lost water to the house on Thursday (yes, I was without water for half the day with 4 sick kids - I went through two containers of disinfectant wipes - it wasn't a pretty site).  Anyway, we enjoyed our quiet Christmas on Christmas, painted Bryon and Jacque's house all day the day after Christmas and then the next weekend we celebrated the Wolf Christmas with everyone.  And we are excitedly waiting to celebrate another Christmas in a couple of weeks with Jed's parents who will make the trip to our house to celebrate Christmas, celebrate Kyra's 5th birthday and enjoy Kyra's winter dance performance - all in one weekend!  Unfortunately we will miss out celebrating with Jed's sister and family but we will assume that they are fine with not having 5 sick kids.  :-)
The annual Christmas pose.
Gavin - 7 years
Carley - 3 years
Kyra - 4 years
Reagan - 1 year
We're almost all looking in the same direction!?
Grandma, Reagan and Gavin reading a Christmas story.
Don't try this at home kids.  Yikes!
More stories - Carley, Grandma, Gavin, Kyra.
Kyra opening gifts Christmas morning.
Carley had to show me all of her presents and have her picture taken with every one of them.
Reagan got the hang of the gift opening pretty quick.
Gavin got a new combine - one catch - he had to build it before he could use it.  A Lego combine. 
Reagan always opened her gifts a little bit and peeked inside before she would rip into them.
Giving her baby a kiss.
Carley building a Dora train track.  They think of everything for toys these days.
Gavin with his new Vikings Football.  He wants to do his room in Vikings.  But since his Dad and I are not going for a boys purple room we are hoping a few Vikings toys will pacify him!
And the golden ticket item (for all of the kids) was Gavin's new guitar he got.  The girls played it more than Gavin did and Kyra and Carley both show some fairly natural talent.  Maybe they are our meal ticket!  :-)
Kyra, Grandpa and Grandma checking out Kyra's box of craft supplies - she is in heaven!
Reagan and Grandpa snuggling.
Carley with her new doll house.  How many doll houses can 3 girls have?  Not sure, but pretty sure we haven't seem the last of them!
Gavin got his Lego combine made in one afternoon.
Lacy, Kyra and Gavin snuggling.
Britton has to have one picture every Christmas of something a little "odd".  He is using Reagan's turtle shape sorter shell for a hat?!  Whatever gets your goat.
Now there isn't a prettier outfit than this.  Boys will be flocking to her now.  On a side not, her Dad LOVES this outfit just for that reason.  :-)  Boy repellent.
Grandma and Reagan waiting for another gift.
Just call him the human gift table?!  I'm not sure either.
Another one for Carley.
Okay, two pictures this year.  I see you...
Reagan followed suit and used her brothers new Vikings hat.  I told you, we are trying to get away from the purple boys bedroom, so we have purple everything else now.  Why couldn't he like the Cowboys - blue and grey - I can do that.
Uncle Bryon and Gavin looking at a new book.
Reagan "helping" Dad put her new stroller together.
Lacy and Reagan reading - one of her new favorite things to do.
What more can I say - 100% cute!
Aunt Stacy made Kyra a purple and flowered reversible cape - Kyra loves it!  I thought she would be a queen but no, she is basically super man with a purple cape?!
Uncle Britton and Gavin - nope, they don't look anything alike?!  :-)
Uncle Bryon and Gavin spent a lot of their morning trying to figure out the marble maze that Uncle Brandon and Stacy got them.  They never did get it to work right - come to find out they were missing a whole bag of parts - which contained all of the base units to stabilize the maze.  Who knew?!
Lacy and Carley reading Dora.  Carley's favorite!
Ah, once the base pieces were found then Aunt Lacy could figure it out.  Her and Gavin built about 4 different mazes and had success with all of them.  On a side note, this was a great gift and a hit with the little kids and the big kids (for anyone every wondering what to get someone).
Grandpa and Reagan playing peek-a-boo with the new mailbox.
Uncle Britton playing airplane with Carley.  Not sure who can last longer.
Gavin playing with the big kids.

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