Saturday, January 29, 2011

Water Park

We went to a hotel in Owatonna and enjoyed their water park on Kyra's birthday.  The kids (and adults too) enjoyed almost 4 hours at the water park (the adults worn out before the kids did) and then we enjoyed pizza after - does it get much better than that?!  :-)
 Mommy & Carley coming off of the water slide.
 Kyra was VERY certain that she did not want to go on the water slide.  We didn't push her and she was perfectly fine playing in the pool while everyone else was going down the slide (including her one year old cousin who LOVED it).  But finally after about 2 1/2 hours I found Kyra at the top with Aunt Stacy just watching everyone get loaded onto their tube and head down.  A few minutes later she was ready to try it with Stacy.  An hour later, she hadn't taken a break from it! She loved it!
 Gavin must have gone down the slides more than 100 times.
Mom and Gavin.  
 Kyra splashing in the pool.
 Reagan and Grandma in the kiddie pool with the elephant, giraffe and monkeys.
 Carley, Grandma and Reagan - this was when Reagan wasn't so sure about all of this big pool stuff but by the end she had had her turn going down the slide too!
 Gavin hanging out.
Grandpa and Gavin - poor Grandpa, he was just trying to keep up with Gavin (each adult was man to man with a kid) but Gavin was non stop for 4 hours - Grandpa did pretty darn good keeping up!  Not sure who laughed harder when they would come down the slide!

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