Monday, January 24, 2011


Gavin has come home from school with a couple of things that I wanted to share (luckily he has not yet come home with lice or strep - which are both going around).  

They have a quiet, creative writing time at school that they can write about whatever they want.  He came home with who creative writing pages that caught my eye this week. 

 The first one, "I am scard of the storm, bur!!!  Mome!!!  I wont to slep in yor rum.  No you or a big boa."  (Now to translate - I am scared of the storm, burr!!  Mommy!!! I want to sleep in your room.  No, you are a big boy.) 

The second one, "My Dad can wrestle a giant.  My Dad isn't afraid of nothing."

Now how come Mom is the worst person in the world and won't let her son sleep with her and not only is Dad (who sleeps a foot from Mom) not the bad guy, he can wrestle giants and win!?  If Gavin is scared at night I would think he would want to wake up the guy fighting giants and not the mean Mom!  Just a thought. :-)

And he also came home with this family portrait.  I love when the kids do pictures like this.  This will go in his keepsake box!

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Melissa Pope said...

Don't you just love their thought process! Priceless picture too Gavin ;-)
You all look so good :-)