Monday, January 31, 2011

Random January Pics

 Random pics from January!
 Bedtime story time.

Lego man, designed and built by Gavin.
Carley has recently learned the art of computer games!  Sometimes that is good, sometimes that is not good!

 I have never seen a baby hold a pen, pencil, crayon correctly - but Reagan has always held her writing utensils this way.  Genius!  Or just lucky?!  :-)

 Reagan got out of the bath tub and would not stop staring at her hands.  We finally figured it out - they were wrinkled from the water and she was trying to figure out what was going on!?  Too cute.

 This is Kyra's "Face" when she and Gavin are playing the "quiet game".  The quiet game is just what the name says - they see who can be the quietest for the longest period of time.  For some reason, to be quiet, Kyra has to have this very intense face going on, but it works - she beats Gavin 100% of the time!  Something she is very proud of and something that drives Gavin bonkers.
 We spend many, many hours a week playing Legos!
 The girls snuggling with Dad.  Notice who is sleeping in this picture?!  Par for the course - they put him to bed all the time.
 Reading her stories on her "perch".
 I found Jed and Gavin like this one Friday night, must have been a rough week!
 Gavin lost a tooth last week with his sisters help.  They were playing "fishing" and they were literally fishing.  Carley was on top of the bunk bed with a string hanging over the edge.  Gavin was the fish down below and he grabbed onto the string and didn't let go when she pulled up on it - she caught her fish (or rather her fishes' tooth).  That's right "fishes".  He proceeded to loose the other top middle one two days later but I cannot seem to find the picture we took of that - stay tuned.
 Playing tea party. 
 Carley and Reagan riding horse.
Toothless boy ready for school.

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