Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Fold or Not to Fold???

Okay, so this may seem like it's coming from left field but last night I was watching the Bachelor with my Mom and Jacque and my Mom was multitasking, folding clothes while she watched the show.  I am sitting there watching her fold underwear and put it into a neat pile.  I looked at Jacque, "Do you fold underwear?"  To which she replied, "Oh no."  Just for the record, I also do not fold our underwear, it doesn't even cross my mind to fold it, it gets thrown into a pile and then shoved into the "underwear drawer".  Mom thought we were crazy, we thought she was crazy...so, it's survey time - DO YOU FOLD YOUR UNDERWEAR WHEN DOING LAUNDRY OR DO YOU SHOVE IT IN A DRAWER??? 


Jesse and Lauren said...

I have been known to fold undies on a rare occasion. But then the pile topples over and it all comes undone. I like to lay them out flat and pile them on top of each other. Must be our lazy non-folding generation. ;) --Lauren

Laurel said...

I only fold the underwear on the days that I iron the sheets and vacuum the dog.