Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend with Nana and Papa - Christmas, Birthday & Dance Recital...oh my!

We had a wonderful long weekend last weekend with Nana and Papa.  Gavin had Friday off of school, Jed took a day of vacation from work and we spent a nice 3 day weekend with Jed's parents who made the long trip from ND.  Luckily the weather cooperated for the most part (although it was the coldest of the season).  We celebrated Kyra's 5th birthday on Friday, had our Christmas with Nana and Papa on Saturday (since we were sick when we were supposed to go there for Christmas) and Kyra had a dance recital on Saturday night so they were able to see her dance for the first time!
 Playing checkers with Papa.  I think Reagan won!  :-)
 Carley's new favorite blanket - Dora!
 Reagan really figured out the gift thing this year.  Now if there is a present it is her mission to get it open (no matter whose name is on the tag).
 Gavin's favorite new blanket - the Purple and Gold!
 Kyra and her designer barbies.
 Reagan insisted that her new doll (also named Reagan - REALLY) watch her open her next gift. 
 Kyra got a keyboard.  She plays this every day.  Now if only she knew a real song or two.
 Papa helping Kyra "figure" it out.
 Daddy, Reagan and Reagan.
 Reagan combing Nana's hair.
 Jed and Nana looked out the kitchen window to see turkeys roaming in our yard.  The kids loved it!

 Gavin got another lego kit and had it made within two hours of getting it.  He LOVES his lego!
 Gavin also got a Leapster which takes up much of his free time now!
 Family picture time!

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